Monday, July 7, 2014

Reap What You Sow - July 7, 2014

So Last week I was thinking about my new companion and I realized a funny stat. Elder Lokpo is my oldest companion almost 28 compared to Elder Hofman who was my youngest companion at 18 (note Schoessow was also 18, but soon turned 19, Hofman is still 18.) Both are great guys and have different approaches, but what a great opportunity it is to serve with such a wide variety of missionaries. Both in age, but also many from different countries (Ghana, S. Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, England) as well as many that may be old members of pioneer ancestors to some only a year in the church.
  Well it’s July and that we are told is one of the worst parts of rainy season here in Salone. Well we got it this week when it rained every single day and it rained a lot. Tuesday night a massive thunder storm hit. It destroyed roads and made quite a mess. We couldn't sleep because we thought lightning was going to hit the house any second! Everything was alright and the next day it just rained more. It reminded me of Forrest Gump when he talks about the rain in Vietnam and it just doesn't stop. Ghana was not like this at all, I like it though.
  My test came back from the doctor and for some reason my iron was very low in the blood (back home when I donated blood they always said I had too much iron) So I got some iron pills from Sister Barney (she is very wonderful) and bought some Cream O Wheat because it said it was a good source of iron haha.
   One of our new missionaries is Elder Okyere, when I saw that name I was sure it was Ghanaian but didn't realize I may know him. Thursday we were at the mission HQ for a zone meeting for new zone members (my companion is one.) I met Elder Okyere and recognized him as the son of the wonderful Okyere family from Kasoa! They were the older couple that took such great care of me there, like their "own son“as they said. He knew me straight away and we had a great time talking, Tender mercy? I believe so.
    Besides these events we have carried on the work as normal, though the Church has just changed the baptismal requirements to include teaching what we call lesson 5 before baptism. This includes temples, priesthood (offices and orders) as well as service, eternal marriage, etc. I guess they feel it’s now important that people know more about these blessings and focuses before baptism.
  Also other "exciting" news is they closed down a city to missionaries (called Kenema) because Ebola has been found there. It’s about 60mins from Bo. The church will continue there with branch missionaries until the virus is gone. Crazy, but the mission is rather mellow about it, so not much alarm, just moving and finding new spaces for the displaced elders and sister.
  My time is done, but thanks for everything I love you all so much!!!!!
    Elder Ray

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