Monday, July 21, 2014


On Friday I opened my email and had a nice little surprise - pictures!!  This was a total gift and blessing because Elder Ray has not been able to send many pictures, especially since going to Sierra Leone.  The computers are not reliable and a lot of missionaries have lost pictures when they put their SD card in the computers.  Elder Ray has a camera that has wi-fi capability and we made sure before we sent it that we had programmed our email address in it so if he ever was near wi-fi he could just hit the button and it would upload pictures......we are happy to report that it works! He was at a restaurant that said it had wi-fi so he tried it and MIRACULOUSLY it worked!!!
Elder Ray and Elder L (from Cote d'Ivoire)



Elder Ray and ?

These are recent coverts who just moved away, the far one I baptized and is still here

Elder Ray's garden of tomatoes and peppers - he is fierce defender of his garden!

Lunch at the restaurant with wi-fi

This is the investigator that unexpectedly passed away unfortunately due to policies in place with Ebola the missionaries were unable to attend her funeral.

View from the apartment in Congo Cross, Freetown

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