Monday, June 9, 2014

Root beer and Stake Conference - June 9, 2014

Elder E and Elder Ray
After Stake Conference in Freetown

Super P-day is where we get the entire zone together for a few hours, normally for games and food. In Ghana we could never get them to materialize because missionaries just wanted to play futball. In Texas we tried to do service project to avoid soccer and volleyball tournaments and in Bo we had a few church movie p-days. Last Monday we had the best Super P-day of my mission so far. We went to Aberdeen beach with Lumley and Freetown Zones. We played the normal games, socialized and ate hamburgers. I had a great time with all these Elders and Sisters. I was burnt after and sore from ultimate Frisbee but I haven't enjoyed a P-day like that since coming to Salone.
   Tuesday I gave an impromptu District Meeting that actually worked and left everyone happy and spiritually satisfied. The Sisters made an eggplant stew with Chapatis and  we left with our bellies full as well.
   Wednesday I went on exchange in Aberdeen and as we walked through the large military barracks, some MPs said the Major needed to speak with us. What we thought was a security problem turned out to be a curiosity question on "what our Mission was?" We had a long chat with the Commanding officer and he invited us back after hearing about Eternal families. We also invited him to Stake conference on Sunday.
   Thursday on the way home we stopped by a small supermarket hidden away that I had my eye on for some time. It was worth it! Finding everything from root beer (first time in 18 months) to Yahoo choco milk and Stoppen' waffles (some things I ate while in Amsterdam).
     Stake conference on Saturday and Sunday had everyone packed into a conference hall and spilling out. We had 16 investigators there not counting the commander who later met with President Ostler. We had to stand with all the other missionaries either in the stair wells or outside, by it was sweet to see the Freetown stake gathered together.
   It was a beautiful week to be in Freetown and a greater time to be serving here, I'm happy but my joy isn't complete, not yet there is still a lot of time left though to fill it up.

  Love, Elder Ray

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