Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything - May 26, 2014

This Monday was much like last Monday. Sat around doing nothing most of the morning, cleaned the house by myself until a few took the hint they should maybe help. You may not have realized it by my efforts all the time at home but you and Dad did ingrain in me a very strong desire to clean. I can find a lot of joy in doing it, especially on Mondays when I can just hit a good vibe and clean everything, but I do get a bit miffed when everyone else just watches (maybe they are dazed by my show?) Anyway this apartment has always had problems with mice and that is one reason I have emphasized cleaning so much. If small things were dealt with we could conquer much of the problem. I also Googled some homemade mouse traps today(shhh) and I'll see what ones work.

   Any-who The Week was rather average in many ways such as the routines of missionary life. Tuesday I gave my first instruction to the district at our chapel (because we have sisters we can't do it at the apartment.) We, the 4 elders and 2 sisters had a good time and I think I got them from the first with some fun scriptures and analogies in my opening, like the general authorities try for, right?  The mission is implementing a new study program and that took most of the time anyways. 
  Later in the evening around 5 (we have to be in still at 7) we saw a black maw of clouds rising on the horizon. It was hauling so we got doing the same but by time we made it to the taxi stops the Deluge hit. As we later had to run up a small dirt road to our apartment we found it was a river and had no choice but to swim.....or get our feet wet. The rest of the night we just sat warm and humid in the apartment. Oh the Rains of Africa.
   Wednesday/ Thursday....teaching and preaching and sweating :)
 Friday we left for the mission home/office for a "special" interview for our baptismal candidate. While it was going on I passed time with the Office Elders (special place in my heart for OEs) and the new Office Couple the Kanzlers, plus Sister Barney our mission nurse. The interview went great and I was also finally able to get my bank card. So when we got back to our area I went to the bank to pull out the district funds (money I can use for apartment needs: generator fuel, water, repairs, etc.) Well I did everything right but I believe they gave me 3 times the normal amount so we are working that out.
   Saturday, after the normal scares of no water, no program, and no presiding member of the bishopric, the baptism got under way. I just gave an impromptu conduction and presided until some bishopric arrived. The baptism happened, it was great, and everyone was happy, including M who was baptized. He was already being taught when I arrived in the area and I have enjoyed teaching him since. He lives close to the chapel, is around 24 and after the baptism sent us a very nice text about how happy he felt that day.
  Sunday, Sacrament filled up and we were pushed down stairs but we saw M confirmed and after church we went and met with him and some of his investigator friends then went back and called it a week. 
   Well that's all folks for this week, it’s been a very hard, but such a worthwhile week. Life is good, though I haven't seen any packages but I’ll hold out hope. Thanks for the wishes! Keep on truckin'
         Elder Steven T Ray
 One thing I thought you could send me, though it may not ever come! Is some stickers for the back of my name tag, you know the old tradition. Now I don't know what ones to ask you to send, but you know what I like trains, lumberjacks whatever funny thing or church or historic stuff I enjoy.

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