Monday, June 23, 2014

Transfer News - June 23, 2014

It has just been one of those weeks, let me tell you.....
  Monday morning the mission sent 2 men to build a small shed for our generator, I told them to mind the garden. When we got home a found they had just trampled through it like horses. I got a bit angry with them and had them fix the plants they smashed. They worked on the shed 2 more days and have not since returned to finish it or retrieve their tools. And the generator sits exposed to the beating of the sun and rains.
   Tuesday was the last District Meeting we had together and I decided to talk about and share Hugh B Brown’s story of the currant bush. We then took pictures as a District and went to work. That afternoon my companion and I had a memorable encounter with a drunk man. He was one of the craziest I have met on mission so far. We were trying to start a lesson and he kept calling my companion and would repeat his name over and over. Getting annoyed I started asking his name which he would repeat again and again. I probably heard it over 60 times but I have forgotten it already.
     Wednesday we got our monthly substance from the bank and just taught the rest of the day.
    Thursday- Had Zone conference at the Belliar Park (mission HQ) President and Sister Ostler were there and we sat through 4hrs of the leaders talking about teaching families. I realize its importance more than I ever have. They did give us hamburgers and fries for lunch so that was fun too :)
   Friday and Saturday I got sick and and by Sunday it started to feel a bit like malaria. Luckily we have a wonderful mission nurse and I have been down that road before. Today I have a small fever and am tired but doing a lot better.
   Friday night was a busy time because it was transfer news. Our apartment changes were, Elder Hofman was room transferred to the other area here and is now DL and I was called as a Trainer.  This will be my 4th time of training - I don't feel all that confident to train in this mission as I am still fresh as well. The area is good though so with some faith it should work out ok. I’ll miss Elder Hofman, I enjoyed being his companion, we've enjoyed some good times together.
   I was sorry to hear about Joseph, I hope to hear from him soon. It was nice to hear the mention of the Manti Pageant, can't wait to see that again one day. Sorry for the unexciting letter this week, sickness doesn't write fun or adventurous memories. Next week should be better. Thanks to everyone though for the love and support.
         Elder Ray
PS still no packages at all, don't know what to do because I haven't had this problem on mission before. Anyway you guys could track it?

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