Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Thus Far"- March 31, 2014

Well it sounds like mom has spent the last part of the week the way I spent most of my week. It wasn't too great of a time for me in anyway, but through many prayers and pills and lots of sleep I have been restored in my health and I thank the Lord for getting me "thus far."
   So last Monday we had a super Pday at the chapel. We painted boiled eggs and everyone in the zone placed their favorite scripture on one and we hid them while we watched "Mountain of the Lord" about the Salt Lake Temple. We shared scriptures after an egg hunt and ate some food. I felt a bit sick that night.
  Tuesday was zone conference and both Bo zones were there with the Ostlers. We took a picture and started the program, but I didn't last long and I was soon out back in the hallway running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. it was an intense flu and after the event (I got out of giving my instructions, though I would’ve rather spoke then had this!) the Ostlers took me home and I didn't leave until Friday to go to the bank for our monthly sustenance.
    Elder Symons left yesterday and I found out on Tuesday I will get Elder Grikens from America (we will see next week how my spelling was) so that’s really what my week was; not much at all and that is the honest truth. In the mission we have been under strict health rules due to the outbreaks in our neighboring countries so far though we are all clear and no concerns, but monkeys are a big “NO NO” won't be eating them anytime soon.
   So I doing good and looking forward to a fresh transfer as a ZL in Bo. Oh and I'm serving in the new Barracks Branch just so you know. Sorry about the typos my keyboard is missing lots of keys. Anyhow lots or love and I continue on towards the next 8 months.
   ~ Elder Ray

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