Monday, April 7, 2014

Tapping the Wells of Life - April 7, 2014

Family and Friends,

It’s been interesting week here in Sierra Leone but things are going just great. Last week my companion, Elder Symons packed his bags and left for home and from what I have heard he made it. This left me with the other two elders in my district for the next two days. Monday after shopping we found our little storage room was full of wasps nest. We got bug spray and because that wouldn't work alone we also got some matches and blow touched the wasps outta the house. My comps said it was the only way to do it haha I didn't fight them on it either.
   Tuesday my actually companion ended up staying in Freetown for medical reasons and I was forced to go on exchanges until Friday when he would arrive. I spent time in several different areas. At my apartment we have had construction because our well went dry (it’s that time of the year) and we needed it deepened. Kind of interesting watching how the men work in it, but it’s not an easy thing either as it has become extremely deep now. Hopefully it will keep the apartment supplied with water until the rainy season comes.
   Friday President Ostler and sister Ostler came to Bo for an MLC and brought my new companion, Elder Gherkins from Mesa Az.( my 2nd comp from there.) really strong missionary this one is, he has been out since Jan 2013. After the meeting (where we got hamburgers) we dropped his luggage at the apartment and went to work in the area. That night we had a cool rain storm with some brilliant lightning putting on some vibrant shows for us.
  Saturday was another great day of proselyting and by the time I got home I was pretty pooped. We contacted a few families that day and I can't wait to follow up with them. We got a bit more rain in the middle of the night and I was worried about people coming to church.
   But Sunday our investigators (and members) pulled through and it was a very nice service. After church we had some mission leader meetings and then to some interviews for a district leader. Got home and had our own interview done as well. Saturday we are planning on one baptism and it should be sweet. (We had 2 baptized on the last Saturday of March too.)
   Even though we didn't get to watch conference (have to wait a month for that one.) it was a beautiful week and I'm excited for the new changes. I saw on Sunday’s session Elder Aidukaties spoke, he visited my mission in Texas and I loved him. He reminded us of the evil doctor on the tv show Phineas and Ferb - he was a hoot, but a powerful speaker as well. Elder Gherkins told me his dad grew up in Ephraim for 10 years, does that name sound familiar? Anyway I was happy to hear from everyone and hope all is well at home, enjoy the sand rail haha
    Elder Ray

On a side note:  YES,  Steve (Elder Ray's dad) does know the new comp's family.  For the Ephraim people the family grew up in the house where the stake center was built and also they owned the Malt Shop (before the Thomson or the Nielsons)  Steve was good friends with the sons and was very excited when Elder Ray wrote about the Ephraim connection.

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