Monday, July 1, 2013

New mission, new companion, new apartment!-July1, 2013

Dear Mom,
   Well some of the not so good news is hearing kids spreading my legend around by chasing fables and nearly destroying themselves in the process! Ah foolish kids, can't say that though the shock of hearing that I was laughing. I can't remember when I told them about the lake, but truth is I still haven't even found it. I really wonder where they were even going to start looking for it? Supposedly you have to crawl into a small cave high up in the mountains, only problem is I don't have a clue where that is. Big mountain makes small cave hard to find.  I'm glad they are ok now and tell them to wait until after we are all home and I'll take them to where I think it might be.
   Its official today we start the Ghana Accra West Mission! I'm sad to leave my friends behind in the old mission such as Hurley, Hutchinson, and Probst to name a few. But it is really exciting to start a fresh place in the world for missionary work, though it is just a cut from the old mission many new places will start to open up around here. Me and Bay will still be here and you'll most likely see us both walk off the airplane together. I have a lot of other friends still around and plenty of new people to meet.
  New Companion is Elder Lilo, and last week I said he was from ivory coast, well he is actually from Tonga, closes right? hahaha. He is a really cool guy and I'm enjoying him a lot so far. Also an Elder Paletonga joined us and is now with Moyer. He is from Samoa and is equally as cool. They are small guys from the islands, not the type I'm normally used to. We just moved to an apartment which is closer to our working area. its a very nice apartment and in the second story of a building. Regarding a new address I have not been informed on a new mission address so it should be safe to send it to the old one and they will sort it out from there. All the mail for West Africa come through here anyways.

  We had a Baptism this last Sunday, 2 actually. It made me happy to finally witness that happen again. July is looking good and there might be some more people on the way. We are teaching a family right now that is pretty sweet and also a man name Barnabas, cool name right? Well my baptisms are now at 18, not a horrible number and there is still time to get more.
   That's the fun news from this week, mostly people still just getting adjusted to the new mission and assignments. The work is not easy here, but I'm still always glad to be here doing it, no matter how rough it is. I'm doing well here and I wish and pray for all the best back home. I love my family and all they do for me, thanks to everyone.
  Love always,
    Elder Ray

   P.S. Be sure to tell me how the movie goes. Remember I'll be close to the locomotive moving equipment around (most likely rails) also a scene were the Calvary rides into the railroad camp, I'm sitting at the edge of the camp on a box sharping a pick ax. I do stand up and run to the side.
  P.P.S. Are you going to send any SD cards with talks on them? I could really use some :) Anything thing from Elders Maxwell, Haight, Mconkie, Ashton, Faust, Peterson would be great! Also any of your favorites too. I read parts of a book from another Elder. It was "The Unknown God" by Mark E Peterson. Probably one of the best books I have read, If you could send me one I would love it. Thank you.

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