Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cocodiles, Turtles, and Blessings-July 15, 2013

Dear Mom,
First of all congratulations on the call! That is really quite a calling to have in the church and now I'll be able to brag to all my mormon friends that my Mom is the Relief Society President hahaha. I'm really happy to hear that, probably the best news this week. . I don't think I can offer much advice for you in that field, except try to work with the missionaries and less actives. I know world wide the First Presidency has really been stressing to the missionaries about less actives. "Off to the Rescue" I think Pres. Monson says to bring those lost sheep back to the fold. Here we have countless less active people because of missionaries just trying to hit high numbers of baptisms( so they can go back to BYU and tell everyone they baptized 80 people, then they become the QP is the 189th ward there.) Anyways I have found some of my best workings have been with less actives and I have found them through the RS president. So just something to think about in your new calling, Good Luck!
 I kept the high spirits we left off on last week and this week I was met with similar success. I was a little worried that after all the great blessings I had with the ward and area last week I would have ran the place dry. Tis not so for there were more hidden treasures to be found this week and even more for the future. So the internet has be giving us fits all day so I'll make this fast.
  Immediately after writing last week we headed back to the Jei River Farms to go on the tour of the area. The man gave a really nice tour; I learned how pineapples grow and how Ghanians build dams without any permits. The dam which holds the river for irrigation to the farm was built in the 70's and is just a big dirt pile with water leaking out of under it. The Sierra and SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance) would have a lot more fun complaining about Ghana's engineering then they do with Lake Powell’s. They were so happy how they stopped a river completely and it was funny because I know John Muir is rolling in his grave about this place hahaha. Anyways it was a very beautiful place and in the lake we found out they have large crocodiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was late so they were all in the water but you can be sure will be coming back in the morning to see them one day.
  During our normal finding in the week we were able to meet and teach a lot of new people. One family we taught, the mother makes ice cream (frozen milk powder, sugar, and cocoa) and every time we go there she "dashes" us some. Didn't see her at church but her son came and he seemed to enjoy it. Another man we encountered was a richer older man that seemed too happy to see us. Usually the wealthier folks are a lot more stubborn, but this guy is very interested in our church despite being born and raised Methodist. In follow up visits he had really good questions about the Priesthood and Book of Mormon. Hopefully all goes well with this people.
  Friday we had a lot of free time during the evening before Larbie's so I climbed a giant rock/mountain and on the top there were lots of little puddles. In one pool I found a tiny little turtle. Long story short he is now living in a pot at the apartment and we are thinking of a good name for it.....any ideas? I heard a story of some missionaries in S. Africa who baptized a turtle after teaching it the lessons and carried him around for member present lessons. I'm pretty sure they got some heat for that, but it is really funny to think about.
   Anyways I have a lot more to write about because the week was freakin awesome, but I 'm worried the internet will crash (it already has for a few hours.) So just know I'm doing better than ever here in Africa. The new President is a great guy (not that Pres. Judd was not, because he was amazing.) My ward loves me and I love them too and the area is hard, but that just comes with the job. Friends are getting ready to go home and that is sad (Smith, Littlefield, Graff plus and Hurley is away in the old mission) but that just means I'm getting older on a mission and moving up. Things are simply great here in Ghana right now and I'm loving it!
From a very happy missionary-
Elder Steven T Ray
P.S I love the pictures and I read the critics didn't like the Lone Ranger, but many people were saying not to listen to them on this one. I hope you saw we do have a new mission address I sent in last week’s letter. Putting money in the account is the best idea because I can easily get one here.

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