Monday, July 22, 2013

Monkeys, Microwaves, and Missionaries - July 22, 2013

Dear Mom and everyone else,

  We had planned to baptize that family this week, but due to a few little concerns we had to move it to this week so I could teach them a little more and prepare them better. They are still awesome and I can see a really improvement on the family ever sense we began teaching them at the first of the month. We passed their house early this morning after an early morning picking fruit and hunting crocodiles in vain. We brought them some papaya and oranges and had a nice spontaneous meeting with them.
   As I said, we got up early for the croc hunt and didn't see anything for a few hours, not even a turtle. While we visited the Messahs family they told us about a guy who has a welding shop with a monkey on a rope out front. So we rode to the place and sure enough, though I had passed the place before without seeing it, it was there. Monkeys are creepy and very sketchy animals. I don't think I like them, but it was very exciting to see it. We had some bread we were feeding it and Elder Lilo started teasing it by taking its food. Well the monkey didn't like that of course so it slapped him and jumped at him. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. 
   Things are still moving along sweetly here. Had a great number of investigators at church on Sunday and even picked up 3 or 4 solid referrals or at least we’ll see how solid they are. ;)
August is looking good as we have found lots of good people to teach and baptize for that month. We are now just focusing on getting people for September and finishing up our current ones. One such is a man that was born and raised Methodist. He is a great man, very kind and loves us and the Church. He is still worried about leaving his church and the affect it may have on a few friends but we are dealing with him.
   Mid-week we got a call saying the mission had ordered every apartment a microwave. Lots of the African missionaries have never used one so they are taking great care on educating everyone how to use them without burning down a few houses. So if you ever want to send something microwavable you can now.
   I really do love my investigators, companion, recent converts, and ward members. Every week I get to meet with different members and I am working on establishing a better friendship with them. This week it was the Obeng family. Bro Obeng is a big guy and super quiet and nice. He was recently made the young men's president, so I have been working a lot with him this last week on activities to teaching. Sunday me and my companion went to the young men's class to help support the lesson, it was really fun and they seemed to enjoy it as much as we did too.
  Well that's the jest of things happening on this side of the world. Lots of hard work that is washed down with a good amount of fun and adventure, that's how to describe my proselytizing time. This week if we keep the spirits as high as it is and keep up the work it should be just as awesome. Thanks for everything and I love all you guys.
    With love-
Elder S T Ray

PS- Hmmm I still really want that model airplane, which I'm not sure why but it would really make my day. Besides that I really just miss chocolate, the suburban, Moab and Lumberjacks. So if there is anything in those categories you can find, throw them in. Anything else I'll let you know ';)

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