Monday, March 17, 2014

Heart Full of Song - March 17, 2014

Not much time for writing
  Well it was a lot better week this time around then last week. I
think I'm adjusting more to this place and trying to leave behind my
old mission more and more, plus I really miss working in the office.
Hard transition from the Office to a Zone leader.
   So we are helping our investigators on the path towards baptism and
everything is looking good. We will be having and giving interviews
this coming week as our zone prepares for the end of the transfers. I
had a chance to go on an exchange in my area with one of my old
friends from the MTC, Elder Itomo, from Nigeria. He is a very humble
guy who just radiates the spirit and love for everyone. It was a fun
time, to think I thought I'd never see him again after the MTC
   Sunday we got to church and found there had been a break in.
Someone had broken the lock on the front gate and managed to steal the
battery for the church generator. They were trying to figure how they
got into the generator house because it was still locked. I played
Sherlock Holmes for a minute and soon found roofing nails on the
ground a little ways off and discovered they had gone through the roof
and out with the battery. So we are working with the branch to fix
the issue.
   That’s all I have time for, but thanks to everyone’s constant prayers
I sure have felt the power to carry on the work here, even with a
heart full of song.
   With love,
           Elder Ray

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