Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy in Bo - March 3, 2014

Dear Family,

  It looks like Ghana, it smells like Ghana, but it sure isn't Ghana. Granted this place feels more like Accra then Texas did, it still doesn't feel like home. Weather is still too hot (though a few degrees cooler then Ghana) and the air is choked with sand and dirt. We are still in the dry season and a lot of the wells are going dry. 
   Here in Bo the main form of transportation is by motorcycle. This has been one highlight for me so far. Just stop a bike and tell him where to go, then you jump on the back and cruze through town. It’s the closest thing to the four-wheeler back home that I have experienced in the last 15 months. And the great news is that as Zone Leaders we travel a lot and get to ride them almost daily. 
   We don't have any electricity here in Bo, but we have a generator for the apartments and chapels. Bad news is we only run it at the house for 2hrs at night. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though I would enjoy some ice every now and then.

   I have learned the food is quite different here than in Ghana as well. We eat primary rice and then some form of a stew (made from leafs and tomatoes) on top of it. Since there isn't any electricity we can't make anything that will need the refrigerator but somehow we are staying well fed. 
  Well the work is on fire in our branch (it’s one of the better branches up here, had 155 members on Sunday) my area is a smaller one, but we have been finding a lot of people and teaching some great investigators. Elder Symons is going home at the end of this month so he has been working hard to make sure everything is good for when I take over. 
   Not much else to write on at this time, but just know I'm doing good and just trying to make it here in Sierra Leone. It’s different but I seem to be rolling with whatever changes come. I continue here and keep the faith as long as I have the chance.
   With Love,
     Elder Ray
P.S. That is so cool that Emma has been rocking the science world! I can't wait to hear more about that. I sent 4 flat rate boxes and then Bro. Dobsen sent a normal box that had mask and paintings in them, let me know when that arrives.

Also in the next package though I could use

More drink mix (I’ll be living off them more)
Maybe try to see if they have powdered milk (it’s hard to get even that here.)
And if possible some sandals (the strap kind I can only find flip flops.)

Thank you for everything mom!

Love your son!

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