Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A few spares for the flats - November 17, 2014

So I am a little tired today as I write this email, I hope I can make it through without falling asleep (well a wall outlet just exploded here at the library so that has me up again.)
  J Golden Kimball made the comment about some of the flats (old people or lazy) in the Church and that the spares that keep everything moving. Made me think about this today.
  This morning we got up earlier than normal (of all days to do that, a Monday!) We went on a zone hike in some nearby mountains (or the closest things to it here) just above the ocean in Corona del Mar area. It was very beautiful as we had an overlook of the hills, ocean, and Catalina Islands. I can tell I'm a bit rusty though at hiking.
  Last Monday as we left the apartment in the morning we noticed the rear tire was flat. Luckily there was a spare small tire and a jack. I soon found out though that none of the other 4 elders had any experience in actually changing a tire. One or two had taken theoretic courses on how to change one but had not been proven yet with it. So I coached them through and eventually we made it to Pep boys (though I thought about calling AAA haha) I could find many ways to apply this to lesson, but I think it was learned that day well, how thankful I am now for having Dad there to teach me those skills, but then having the trials and burdens that tested those skills. 
I had my last zone training meeting. Such a strange feeling being the missionary at the end who is called upon to bear their last testimony, one of the sisters mentioned how she never thought she would be here (giving her last testimony) so when it was my turn I said how I really never thought I'd be here. That got some good laughs, even from one of the counselors in the mission presidency.
 Did a lot of service painting office rooms for Bro Kettley (2nd cous.) and moving the Martin family, they are heading to Palm Desert. Also had a fantastic dinner with the Conks. Probably the eldest couple in the ward, but Sister Conk is the funniest women ever, she has that sense of humor as J Golden Kimball. I had told her about eating cat in Africa and for the last few weeks she kept telling me she was looking for one to get a big steak from.
   Another dinner was with The Cook family, he is the gentleman who took us on the tour at the airport museum. We got to listen to stories upon stories of his days in Berlin in the cold war. Such a blessing to have such fun people to work with and be around at the end of my mission. We even picked up 3 new investigators this week, one was a couple that showed up to Church.
   Such fun and happening times here combined with the warm weather really makes me wonder if I want to return to school in 14degree temps...maybe I'll just extend until summer! :) No not really however it’s sad to be ending but until then there is the urgency to continue what I have been doing, there has always been that urgency, you just seem to notice better at the end.
   Elder Steven Taylor Ray

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