Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane - January 6, 2014

Office work is not easy but I am most differently enjoying it.

     Monday our district went over to the neighboring Zone to play some basketball (we have to do some activity while in the office since we don't get the normal work out riding bikes and walking.) After that finished we came back and dressed in missionary clothes and ran some errands for president.
     Tuesday- In the morning we were at the Area office/temple site picking up and dropping off papers, filling water cooler jugs (yea not our normal assignment) and check for any shipping that came for the mission. When we order copies of the Book of Mormon (the proper plural term) or any of the pamphlets we hand out or papers and forms it all comes through the Area office. For the last month or so we have been running out of everything because it is all on a back order or something, maybe the boat sank, but we are out of a lot of things. Then we went to the Accra mission home to get mail sent to the wrong address and then to the main post office which took a while. That night the Stake put on a huge party for New Years and all the missionaries were invited. We got fed and saw lots of friends and still made it home before 10:30. I didn't stay up for the New Year because I was far too tired.
    Wednesday- I did a little work on Google Earth updating apartments, areas, and general info. I like to think of myself as the Mission Cartographer and a pretty good one at that.:) We then went to a special FM near my old area to a place where Elder Bay is now serving. We had FuFu and pepper soup with cat as the meat! It was my first time eating cat and it really didn't taste bad, but you just don't get a big steak from a cat.
  Thursday- Was supposed to be a day for us to go proselyting but being the first Thursday of the month we had MLC or Mission Leadership Council. All the Zone leaders came in and we took them to Presidents house (it’s serving as the mission home while ours is still under construction) for their meeting. We helped a bit, by showing how to use and do object lessons. We took a missionary to the area doctor (a full time missionary) and then took everyone home. 
  Friday- Every Friday morning we have Office council were we, the APs,  the Walls and President and Sister Hill all met and discuss business throughout the mission. After this we took another trip to the post office (we make two in a week) and gathered supplies and spent the rest of the day in the office doing work on the computers.
  Saturday- Was a proselyting day again and to help with our dead area the whole district( minus the APs) came and for a few hours did contacting and general teaching to help us build a pool of investigators. This was really helpful so we can use are small time to teach and not just roam to find. Later we had a couple of FMs with members and a really nice night.
  Sunday- Found a family in the ward that stays in our area has not been baptized so that gave us more new people to teach or whatever we'll do with them. President came to our ward that day and Joseph B. gave me a present for Dalton since it was his birthday (it is actually very nice and told me Moms is not finished yet.) After church we drove around looking for a place to get a malaria test done for a sick district member. It was a fun adventure and finally we bought a do it yourself test, turns out he didn't have it. Then spent the rest of the night helping the other guys at their apartment and then we collected a few buckets of water from their place because our apartment is out. 
   That is just a few things we did throughout the week. Life is always busy in the office, but I'm staying safe and working hard. I really happy right now, it’s great working for President Hill( very smart guy and learning a lot about business from him) plus I'm driving so I can't complain. Life has been good to me so far.
From Ghana with love.
    Elder Ray

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  1. Elder am Happy for you in Ghana. Office duties are heretic! Some time others people feel is the place to enjoy !! Make you best of your stay!